Reviews of Toronto Cafes

Nova Era Bakery

Bloor at Dovercourt & other locations
Coffee: Canadian $1.25 Latte $2.50
Menu: Portuguese soft drinks, pastries and various sandwiches
Popular Item: Portuguese Toast and Natas, custard tarts
Environment: Bright room with long windows on busy corner, lots of faux stone and plastic ivy. Enclosed smoking room.

Café Vecchio Frak

(name is the title of an old song by Domenico Modugno of “Volare” fame.)
690 College at Montrose
Coffee: Latte macchiato $2.50, with huge selection of speciality coffee including the freddos and many liqueur combinations.
Menu: pizzas and panini, croissants, biscotti, Italian desserts, expensive wines.
Environment : Haute Milan style, dark brown, black and beige
and black leather couches, colour-coded art.

Le Gourmand

Spadina Avenue at Richmond
Lattes, Americano, Vanilla Chai Latte
Euro-style café with sandwiches, salads, croissants and patisseries
Lattes: $3.50 Regular Coffee $1.35
Environment: Order at counter. Dark wood shelving and cabinets stock with up-market, largely Euro food products. A large railway clock, oddly with no second hand.
Risko ate: Custard tart, blueberry scone, plain croissant
Good tart, okay croissant and scone.

Select Bakery

Donlands & O’Connor

Environment: Greek bakery, with Greek delicatessen, café area with bistro style chairs & tables, set in front of large windows, unfortunately affording only an unispiring view a Bell telephone building.
Unobtrusive Greek Muzak, Greek mass on the TV on Sundays.
Buy cookies by weight, they’re small. Wonderfully soft almondy macaroons. Biscotti tasted and looked “home-made”.
Éclair was tasty with confectionary cream filling.
Not a terrifically interesting neighbourhood, but worth checking out the Mittel-Europa delicatessen next door, especially for its freshly baked bread.

The (OPERA) Cake House

Bloor Street, in the heart of Korea Town
Environment: Self-consciously modern ­ stainless steel and orange plastic, though chairs are more comfortable than they look.


1856 Queen E
Environment: silver grey metallic chairs and tables for about 20.
Lavish array of patisserie, including Austrian specialities and breads.
European scenes on grey walls with small display coffee tins and chocolates and bottles of Austrian Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil

SCENE_IT Travel Café

Queen St. (West of Spadina or University)
Travel Agency and Coffee Shop, with gelato bar.
Environment: dark wood touches, with terra cotta and cream walls, travel photos and scenes and magazine rack of travel publications
Window seats and armchairs in back.
Easy-going, funky atmosphere, relax and flick through magazines.

Akcropolis Café

708 Danforth
Environment: In the heart of Greektown, traditional style café and bakery.
Yellow and blue décor, murals of the Acropolis, including a rather hippy Poseidon. Clientele largely Greek, but draws others with freshly prepared specialities like spanakopita, galaktoboureko. and a range of Greek pastries.

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